Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two Notes

1) The lack of updates is a direct result of my employer now completely instead of selectively blocking Blogger.

2) Due to a power outage, I spent last evening at my father's house.  Around 9pm I ended up sitting on the couch with him and his house-guest, being forced to watch Hannity on Fox News, fighting desperately to not ridicule the expected nonsense about socialism and the NAACP you could expect on any Fox timeblock this week.  After a lengthy segment trying to cast Shirley Sherrod as the Archracist, Hannity spent the last fifteen minutes of his program interviewing Disney jailbait darling Selena Gomez about her advocacy work for UNICEF.

Fox News was the last venue I expected to see dedicate a positive segment to a UN-chartered humanitarian organization, so I found this curious.  For her part, Selena was caked up in enough makeup to make me wonder how many transvestite whores needed to be harvested to prepare her for the interview.  I found it mildly inappropriate, especially for Fox's audience, but I won't pretend I understand how they manage their audience over there.

But oh, there was reason to this Lolita's rhyme.  During some random internet wandering this evening, I happened upon clarity:  Today was her 18th birthday.  Last night was Selena's coming out party; a modern media debutante ball, something to keep her fresh in the news so the celebrity blogs could announce open season.  If the Miley Cyrus trajectory is any indication, I'm sure we're be treated to many crotch shots and nip slips in the immediate future.

Stay classy, Disney.

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