Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The results of an Armory run:

The Orion is an interesting weapon.  It's one of those low-damage high-RoF snipers, which I normally dislike, but this one comes with the biggest scope available for the weapon class instead of the usual 1.0x.  It also shoots bullets that ricochet and split like shotgun fire.  So for example, if I just shoot a guy in the head, it does normal crit damage.  But if I shoot at the ground in front of his feet, the bullet will split into three and bounce up into the target for full damage x3 (albeit probably not crits like the headshot).  Good for taking out shields, but I question its utility as a multi-purpose slayer.

The Volcano ignites the target, who then sets other nearby enemies on fire, who then...etc.  The fire damage is supposedly higher than normal for a x4 elemental.  Too bad the base damage is so low.  And the scope sucks.  This is a weapon I'd probably only use if Mike's around to act as a meatshield to enable effective midrange sniping; otherwise I'd probably stick with a revolver.

Kyros' Power has only one fault.  It's a decent base damage (good) high accuracy (good) explosive sniper (100% guaranteed procs = good) with red text that translates to Transfusion-style health leeching (GOOD) but it has a fucking 1.0x scope, which is essentially worthless.  At the range where headshots are possible, the enemies can hit you back and fuck up your aiming.  I guess the idea for these sorts of weapons is to aim center mass and let the explosion proc do the bulk of the damage, but I like the visceral pleasure of seeing skulls disappear.

This style of revolver is known as a "Masher" normally but the orange quality naming conventions remove that label.  It's basically a high-accuracy ranged shotgun, with a large clip, a small scope, and ammo regen.  This is probably going to become my new general-purpose main weapon.  If I switch my class mod to +accuracy, each of the seven bullets can crit on headshots.  Or fourteen bullets on a Gun Crazy proc.  Insane.

1) "Bring out your dead!" supposedly means higher than normal acid DoTs, but the base damage is absurdly low, and I'm not sure when I'd want to be sniping with a 4x scope with a shotgun with 25% accuracy.  This is bank fodder.
2) 9x146 is the heaviest hitting shotgun I've seen yet.  Ammo regen and fast reload make up for the 2-shot clip.  I might hang onto this if Mike or Ryan don't claim it.
3) Or I might use this instead.  82 accuracy shotgun with a high explosive proc and a massive clip.
4) Also viable.
5) I don't know why I hung onto this one (the absurdly large scope?) but it's vendor fodder.

Assault Rifles:
I've literally never fired an assault rifle in Borderlands so I can't really comment on any of these, but they're all yours, Ryan.  The Desert Raven fires 5-round bursts.  War Guardian has ammo regen.


This is mostly just one trip to and within the Armory.  I moved the story ahead down the Marcus quest chain and had the opportunity to head back in, which I happily glitched to take my sweet time walking around.  I'll probably do it once more before the next DLC comes out (which I'll probably buy at launch, then head into playthrough 2).

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