Monday, May 17, 2010

Four up, four down.

Aggregate ERA of the four pitchers who were just dropped this weekend:  6.22
Aggregate ERA of their four replacements:  3.01

I guess I should be glad that I attended to my fantasy baseball needs sunday morning before I departed for a rousing afternoon of laundry.  Within seven hours of dropping Scherzer (a potential new euphemism for taking a dump) three more starters (two of which I highlighted in a previous post) were acquired.  It should be interesting to see who ends up with the best pick.

Jason Vargas (Ryan) has six quality starts in his seven games, but has a career 5.00 ERA, including his years in the minors.  My choice, Mike Leake, has no minor league record, but he also has six QS in seven starts, though in the NL instead of the AL West.  Kris Medlen (Chris J)  has mindblowing minor league stats but spotty MLB numbers and questionable endurance.  John Ely (Mike)  had a 3.71 career minors ERA, though he had a fantastic 2009 at AA (14-2 record, 2.82 ERA) and plays for the best team in this quartet.

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