Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liveblog pt 2

8:33: Matusz walks Gardner at the top of the inning by following my advice and tossing a bunch of breaking balls that dropped out of the zone.  Prediction:  Gardner steals second, scores on a Jeter single, my head explodes.  Meanwhile, Cervelli at 0-2:  I've never seen a high slider before, but he threw it, and Cervelli punched it into right field.  Two men on, no outs, a backup defensive shortstop at the plate. %^$^&%$&%$ Matusz throwing error on a fucking bunt, Gardner scores, still no outs..

8:49:  A walk with the bases loaded.  Johan Santana can tell you what comes next.  Alex is home now so I'm done here.

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