Friday, May 7, 2010

Idle Observations

The Brewers lead the league in HBP with 18.  I noticed this and immediately thought to myself "Surely that's because Prince Fielder's gut crowds the plate."  Sure enough, Prince leads baseball with 7, two ahead of teammake Rickie Weeks.

Intentional walks received are not a particularly good barometer of any overall offensive value.  The Cardinals (an excellent offensive team) have 21, which is more than twice as many as the second place team (the Padres, an awful offensive team).  The Yankees, arguably the best lineup in baseball, have only two, tied at the bottom of MLB with the Astros (one of the two worst lineups) and Cubs.

The following players have more walks than hits:  Nick Johnson, Chipper Jones, Mark Texeira, Brian McCann.

Juan Pierre and Chris Coghlan have a .000 ISO.  Also notable, Todd Helton has the fifth lowest ISO in baseball.

The White Sox have three players in the bottom five for BABIP.

Derek Jeter is the biggest groundball hitter in the league, followed by such stars as:  Luis Castillo, Hunter Pence, Michael Bourn, Denard Span, Erick Aybar, Juan Pierre, Yunel Escobar, Cameron Maybin, and Russell Martin.  That's some company he keeps.  Jeter and Gardner are also 1/2 in the league in infield hits.

Miguel Tejada sees more fastballs than anyone else.  Ryan Howard sees the fewest.

Worst FB Hitter:  Aramis Ramirez
Best FB Hitter:  Ryan Braun

More to come later.

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